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What are the perks for a teacher?

The most important benefit for a teacher is the satisfaction they get by answering the pupils’ questions one-on-one. You get to meet students from all over the world. You can teach them by sitting at the comforts of your home. Whether you are a retired professor or a budding teacher, everyone is bound to find something interesting on TutorWants!

How to join TutorWants?

"To join TutorWants, all you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps. Step 1: Click on the Login button from the menu bar. Step 2: Click on New User? Register Here. Step 3: Give your basic details and set a strong password. Step 4: Click on Register Now. Now you will be able to log into your account and begin your learning journey."

In what languages do TutorWants offer the services?

TutorWants believes that everyone on this planet has a right to learn. For this reason, apart from English, we have made our website available in Spanish, French and Arabic. So far, we are providing services in these languages. But, rest assured knowing that we will soon be adding more languages to our website.

What is the fee for a student?

TutorWants understands that there are plenty of online tutoring websites in this world that offer little to no values to students, parents and teachers at a hefty price. This leaves all the underprivileged out of the circle. That is why, TutorWants wishes to bring education to every possible person in every corner of the world. For this reason, we have made our services absolutely FREE of any cost.

What is a dashboard?

The Dashboard is a tool using which our counsellors will create a personalized question paper. Using this test, they will assess your capabilities and hidden talent. This way, they will be able to help you identify the subjects suitable for your career.

How to get a counsellor's help for my kid?

We understand that as a parent, you must be lost in your path. You may not be able to figure out a secure career path for your kid. But with our counsellors, you can rest easy knowing that we will help you and your child decide a career path based on your kid's interests. All you have to do is fill up a form in the dashboard and submit it.

Can I talk to a counsellor regarding my child?

Yes. Once you fill up the form in the dashboard, one of our experienced counsellors will immediately get in touch with you. They will ask you a series of questions to better understand you and your child's needs. Then, they will set up a question paper for your child. Once your child takes the test and based on the marks, our dedicated counsellor will guide you in carving out the best career path for your child.

Is TutorWants accessible everywhere?

Yes. Our capable development team has built our website in such a way that it is highly responsive and adapts to various devices instantly! Whether it is laptop, desktop or tablet, smartphone, you can access our learning website from any part of the world and on the go!

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