About Us

Bringing Affordable Online Tutoring Services to Everyone

TutorWants aims at bringing the best educational guidance to parents, study material to students at no cost and a platform for tutors to reach the right student base. We achieve this feat by bringing technology and the internet together to build a seamless platform for students and parents to access information that would otherwise cost an arm and a leg in today's world!

We, at TutorWants, believe that education must be accessible to everyone, no matter their status in society. Even the remotest places of the world can now have access to our online tutoring services, thanks to the developing technology!

In addition to the above features, we have a specially designed tool that will help students explore one's potential in a subject. This tool will act as a beacon in the dark to guide you in the right direction!

Why Choose Us?

Founded in 2019, TutorWants is an online tutoring site dedicated to students and parents alike. While students can use our cost-effective tutoring service to score the highest marks in exams, parents can find a great deal of information that is sure to help them push their children in the right direction!

Besides, we give an open platform for retired or budding teachers to make children fall in love with studies and at the same time, enjoy what they love to do!

Benefits for Students

Our online tutoring will soon be your child’s favourite way of learning because we offer a whole bundle of benefits.

  • The hardest of the subject will seem easy when you go through the abundant study material available on our platform
  • You can have an interview with our efficient counsellors who will guide you in the right direction
  • You can get your hands on a vast collection of information from question banks and blogs to our suggestions and tips on excelling in exams
  • You can take mock tests to find your weaknesses in a subject and use the extensive online study material to strengthen it
  • If you are not sure what subjects you are good at, we will help you explore your potential with a specially designed assessment
  • You can choose to learn from anywhere in the globe
  • The best part of our services is the convenience to learn from home
  • More than anything, all these are available at an affordable price

Benefits for Parents

As a parent, you would always wish the best for your kids. But, when it comes to education, guiding them in the right path is your responsibility. However, if you do not have the knowledge of the current education system, then you will be at sea! With TutorWants by your side, you can:

  • Get access to blogs, questionnaire and other materials that will help you understand your child's skill set better
  • Identify your child's passion and allow them to pursue it
  • Understand the current educational trends and job market
  • Be on top of things for your child at an affordable price
  • Save additional tuition fees with your one-stop online tutor

If you are unable to identify what your kid is good at, you can take help of our counsellor and special application available on our platform. Simply fill the form and have one of our capable counselors guide you and your kid in the right direction.

Benefits for Tutors

If you are a retired teacher who does not wish to lose touch with students or if you are someone new stepping into the shoes of a teacher, then you can register on TutorWants as a tutor. You can,

  • Add value to a student's life
  • Get a hands-on experience into teaching in case you are new to this field
  • Answer students' queries
  • Help a pool of students and parents, from around the globe, to your heart’s content at no cost at all!

So, the next time your kid is stuck with a challenging math problem, don’t break your head over it. Take help from the comprehensive online resources and study material to help your kid solve it and excel in academics! Wait no more. Register now!