Who Are We?

To make information available for all students, parents and those wandering minds, TutorWants brings you an all-new way of learning process! Yes and at an affordable price! With TutorWants, you can find the answers to those difficult questions in an instant!

If you are lost in your path, simply fill up the application form on our website, and one of our expert counsellors will reach you. They will learn about you and give you a minutely designed assessment. That will help you discover your potential in no time and let you and your parents focus on making a bright start into your career.

What’s more? You don’t have to move an inch to gain information! All you need is a computer or phone and a good internet connection to gain in-depth knowledge on any subject right from the comforts of your home!

Don’t Worry About Your Grades Anymore!

You are sure to love this new innovative way of learning after the whole day of school lessons!

  • Take advantage of humongous study material available on our platform
  • Ace in your exams by practising on our mock test papers
  • Read blogs to find easy learning tips and tricks
  • Talk to a tutor face to face through video interaction
  • Use the whiteboard tool to exchange information and insights on the topics

How Does it Help Parents?

As a parent, you don’t have to worry about driving your kid to the tuitions and wasting your time, money and energy! All you have to do is switch on the PC and log into TutorWants!

  • Be updated with the latest news on what is happening in the educational world
  • Understand the current and future job market trends to choose the right path for your kid
  • Help your kid explore their potential with our online counselling material and capable counsellors
  • Push your child in the right path to achieve greater success in life with our capable counsellors' help

So, what are we waiting for? Register now to reap the benefits of our innovative distance learning mode at an affordable price!

Are You a Tutor?

If so, you are in the right place. With TutorWants, you can share the knowledge you have with many curious minds. When you turn to us, you will get a bright chance to fulfil your teaching dreams and at the same time help millions of students find their way!

So, when you are on a vacation or have free time, simply visit our website and add value to it with the help of your expertise.